Christopher H. Remien, Doctoral Student
Department of Mathematics, University of Utah

email: remien (at) math (dot) utah (dot) edu
office: LCB 318

Research interests:

I am interested in applying mechanistic mathematical models to understand and interpret various measurements.  Biological markers are inherently indirect measurements of the process of interest, and signals tend to be blurred in space and time, making direct interpretations challenging and mathematical models essential.  A commonality of some of my work that may seem to arise from disparate fields has been mechanistically modeling systems with nonlinear mixing.

I greatly enjoy all aspects of interdisciplinary science including field work, collaboration, and mathematical modeling.

Stable isotope modeling:

Stable isotope ratios in body tissues can be used to provide insight into an animal's position in a trophic web, diet, movement and migration, and other ecological parameters.  Unfortunately, isotopic signals are attenuated by ecological and physiological processes.  Mathematical modeling can be used to to describe this signal attenuation and to reconstruct the isotopic signal of interest if the attenuation processes are understood.  Recently I've been exploring the role of metabolism on stable isotope ratios of animals using physiologically based mathematical models.  This work is done in collaboration with Dr. Thure Cerling's lab.

Acetaminophen overdose modeling:

Acetaminophen (APAP) overdose is the leading cause of acute liver failure in the United States.  APAP overdose is followed by a delayed onset of liver damage.  The markers of liver damage are released by damaged hepatocytes into the blood where they can measured by clinicians.  Mathematical modeling of the dynamics of liver damage due to APAP overdose leads to better interpretation of the biomarkers of liver damage and aids in discriminating survival and death among patients.  This work is done in collaboration with Dr. Norman Sussman.
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