Christopher H. Remien, Doctoral Student
Department of Mathematics, University of Utah

email: remien (at) math (dot) utah (dot) edu
office: LCB 318

In the works:

Remien CH, Adler FR, Chesson LA, Valenzuela LO, Ehleringer JR, Cerling TE.  Estimating individual signal from population measurements: signal attenuation due to combining multiple hairs in segmental hair analysis.  In preparation.

Macharia AN, Cerling TE, Remien CH, Mace WD, Andanje SA, Dennison PE. Soil carbon isotope ratios and landscape variability in East Africa.  In preparation.


O'Grady SP, Valenzuela LO, Remien CH, Enright LE, Jorgensen M, Kaplan J, Wagner J, Cerling TE, Ehleringer JR. Hydrogen and oxygen isotope ratios in body water and hair of non-human primates.  American Journal of Primatology.  In press. 2012.

Remien CH, Adler FR, Waddoups L, Box TD, and Sussman NL. Mathematical modeling of liver injury after acetaminophen overdose: early discrimination between survival and death.  Hepatology.  In press. 2012.

Cerling TE, Wynn JG, Andanje SA, Bird MI, Korir DK, Levin NE, Mace W, Macharia AN, Quade J, and Remien CH.  Woody cover and hominin environments in the past 6 million years.  Nature. 476: 51-56. 2011.

O'grady SP, Wende AR, Remien CH, Valenzuela LO, Enright LE, Chesson LA, Abel ED, Cerling TE, Ehleringer JR.  Aberrant water homeostasis detected by stable isotope analysis. PLoS. ONE 5(7). 2010.

Cerling TE, Wittemyer G, Ehleringer JR, Remien CH, Douglas-Hamilton, I.  History of animals using isotope records (HAIR): A 6-year dietary history of one family of African elephants.  PNAS. 106(20): 8093-8100. 2009.

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