Jason Preszler's Notes & Papers

Research Papers

J. Preszler "The Impact of Curve Shortening on the Writhe of a Curve", Sept. 2003, unpublished. Results of undergraduate research under the direction of Martin Jackson.

Expository Papers

J. Preszler "The Golod-Shafarevich Inequality", unpublished notes
J. Preszler "Introduction to $p$-adic Numbers", January 2005, unpublished.

J. Preszler "Introductory Grobner Bases", July 2003, unpublished.

J. Preszler "Ergodic Theory", April 2003, unpublished.

J. Preszler "Introduction to Galois Theory", April 2001, unpublished lecture notes.

Conferences Attended and Presentations

April 2005, Special GSAC Colloquium on "L-Functions", (slides (PDF))

November 2004, GSAC Colloquium on "p-Adic Numbers" (notes)

April 2004, Algebra (Math 6320) Presentation on "Infinite Galois Extensions"

May 2003, 3rd Annual Math/CS Day at the University of Puget Sound, organized by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science in honor of retiring professors Jerry Kerrick and Carol Smith, presented ergodic theory and curve shortening research.

January 2003, Baltimore Joint Mathematics Meetings, presented curve shortening research.

October 2002, AMS Western Section meeting at the Utah Math Department.

June 2002, AMS Western Section meeting at Portland State University.

May 2002, 2nd Annual Math/CS Day at UPS, presented expository paper on Grobner Bases.

February 2002, Combinatorial Potlatch, held at UPS.

January 2002, San Diego Joint Mathematics Meetings.

May 2001, First Annual Math/CS Day at UPS, in honor of retiring professors Ron VanEnkevort and Bruce Lind.

April 2001, MAA Pacific Northwest Section meeting at Seattle Pacific University.