Student Evaluations (all links are pdf's)

Math 1030 Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning
    Fall 2003 (no comments, before online evaluations)
    Summer 2007 and  Comments

Math 1050 College Algebra
      Summer 2005 and Comments
      Fall 2008  (current course)

Math 1090 College Algebra for Business and Social Science
       Spring 2004  (no comments)
       Spring 2006  and  Comments
       Spring 2007  and  Comments
       Summer 2008  and  Comments

Math 1100 Intro. to Quantitative Analysis (Calc. for Business)
       Summer 2004  (no comments)
       Fall 2004  and  Comments
       Fall 2005  and  Comments

Math 1210 Calculus I
       Spring 2005  and  Comments
       Fall 2006  and  Comments
       Fall 2007  and  Comments  (I was the TA for this course)
Math 1220 Calculus II
       Spring 2008  and Comments

Math 2250 ODE's and Linear Algebra  (Engineering Math.)
       Summer 2006  and  Comments