Spring 2018: Utah Math 6520, Introduction to Algebraic Topology. See the course website.

Fall 2017: Utah Math 1210, Calculus I. See the course website.

Summer 2017: Utah Summer Mathematics Program for High School Students (an intensive program in elementary number theory), 6/19-7/14.
Summer 2017: Utah ACCESS, The Mathematics of Symmetry, 7/17-7/21.

Spring 2017: Utah Math 7890, Topics in Representation Theory (Introduction to the Geometric Satake Equivalence). See the course website.

Fall 2016: Utah Math 6370, Algebraic Number Theory (Class Field Theory). See the course website.

Spring 2016: Utah Math 3010, Topics in the History of Mathematics. See the course website.

Fall 2015: Utah Math 5310, Intro to Modern Algebra. See the course website.

Spring 2015: MIT 18.100C, Communications Intensive Real Analysis.

Fall 2014: MIT 18.03, Differential Equations (Tuesday/Thursday 1-2pm and 2-3pm).

Spring 2014, Harvard Math 268: pure motives and rigid local systems. Jason Bland live-TeXed notes. (Note these have not been edited.)