Some papers:
  1. Moduli of products of curves. DVI | PS | PDF. Definitive version in Arch. Math.
  2. Stable degenerations of surfaces isogenous to a product of curves. Definitive version in Proc. AMS.
  3. Stable degenerations of symmetric squares of curves. PS. Definitive version in manuscripta mathematica
  4. Open problems in compact moduli spaces
  5. Variation of hyperplane sections - with R. Veliche, in the proceedings of the MAGIC '05 conference.
  6. Maximally symmetric stable curves - with R. Veliche, in Mich. Math. J.
  7. Cubic graphs with most automorphisms - with R.Veliche, to appear in J. Graph Theory.
  8. Maximally symmetric stable curves II - with R. Veliche.
Other papers not here:

Non-mathematical research

I rarely wash my coffee cup fully, since it gets a lot of use. Consequently it is not very clean. A fair amount of wiping doesn't even make much of a dent.

However, I've recently made a remarkable discovery. In a rare occurence, I added non-dairy creamer to my cup. Having drunk the cup of coffee, I rinsed it out, and the cup came clean. I have successfully repeated this experiment, and hope to have data and/or figures available soon.

Computer algebra

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