Math 3150: PDE, Fall 2008

Time/Place: MW 8:35-9:25, LS 102
Instructor: Michael van Opstall
Office: JWB 313, Tel: 585-5435
Office Hours: MW 9:30-11:30 and by appointment
Textbook: Asmar, Partial Differential Equations with Fourier Series and Boundary Value Problems, 2e. The instructor provides a student solutions manual here. Other things: You should have a scientific calculator. No graphing or programmable calculators will be allowed on exams.

The course will cover a basic introduction to partial differential equations in two or fewer space variables. No previous exposure to partial differential equations will be assumed. Some aptitude in ordinary differential equations is assumed. The appendix to the textbook covers the methods necessary. A basic understanding of linear algebra is also necessary. Formal prerequisites are three semesters of calculus and Math 2250. A combination of 2270 and 2280 will make the course easier.

There will be three exams plus a final exam. Each midterm counts for 20%; the final counts for 30%. Collected homework will make up the other 10%. The homework will be collected at random on the class period after it is assigned. It may not be turned in late under any circumstances. Work obviously copied from the solutions manual will receive no credit. Work "artistically" copied from the student manual probably isn't helping your understanding. Multipage homeworks must be stapled when turned in, or I will not grade them.

I intend to use a "straight" grading scale where 90-100 is A or A-, 80-90 is B+, B, or B-, etc. Exams may not be made up after the date without a (documented) exceptional reason (e.g. serious illness, death in the family). For University related circumstances, an exam may be taken in the testing center in advance (they charge $5 to proctor), if I am informed at least one week in advance.

ADA statement: The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that reasonable accomodations be provided for students with physical, cognitive, systemic, learning, and physical disabilities. Please contact me at the beginning of the semester to discuss any such accomodations you may require for this course.

DateMaterial coveredHomework
Part I: Fourier series and PDE in one space variable
8/251.1-1.2, 3.11.1 #13,14; 1.2 #5a,7,9
8/272.1-2.22.1 #1,6,9; 2.2 #5a,9a,11,17
9/32.3-2.42.3 #3,7,9; 2.4 #7,11,15
9/83.33.3 #5,7,9
9/15Catchup, reviewSample exam
9/17Midterm I
Part II: PDE in two space variables
9/223.73.7: 3,5
10/14.7-4.8, 4.24.1: 1-3,6
10/64.2-4.34.2: 3,8
10/84.4Take-home part of midterm: 4.3: 2,7
10/20Catchup, review
10/22Midterm II
Part III: Review and Enhancements
10/271D wave eqn revisted3.3 #14,15
11/10Catchup, reviewExam review problems: p 125 #12-15; p 145 #16; p 152 #16; p 153 #17; p 225 #17.
11/12Midterm III
Part IV: The Fourier Transform
11/177.1-7.27.1 #2,3; 7.2 #3,4,19,20
11/197.27.2 #37,49
11/247.37.3 #15,16; 7.4 #6,8
12/17.87.8 #1,2,5,6

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