Math Bio. Journal Club, Fall 2014
Organizers: Laura Strube
Owen Lewis
University of Utah
Classroom: LCB 322
Time: MW 12:50 - 1:50 pm

Important Documents
Article for Dr. Keener's Talk
Article for Dr. Keener's Talk

Important Dates and Faculty Presentations
List of Papers Released
Weds. Aug. 27th
Journal Article Decisions
Weds. Sept. 3rd
Presentation: Dr. Keener
Mon. Sept. 8th
Presentation: Dr. Fogelson
Weds. Sept. 10th
Fall Break: No meeting
Mon. Oct. 13th & Weds. Oct. 15th
Presentation: TBD
Mon. Dec. 1st
Presentation: Dr. Adler
Weds. Dec. 3rd
Presentation: TBD
Mon. Dec. 8th
Presentation: Dr. Hohenegger
Weds. Dec. 10th
Finala Week: No meeting
Mon. Dec. 15th & Weds. Dec. 17th

Student Presentation Calendar

Suggested Papers for Presentation
List of Journal Articles