About me:

I am a fourth year graduate student at the Mathematics Department of the University of Utah, working under the advice of Christopher Hacon. Starting on Fall 2019, I will be an Instructor in Mathematics at Princeton University.

Research Papers:

13. Bounded deformations of (e,d)-log canonical singularities, arXiv:1903.07202, joint work with Jihao Liu and Jingjun Han.

12. A boundedness theorem for cone singularities, arXiv:1812.04670.

11. On minimal log discrepancies and Kollár components, arXiv:1810.10137.

10. Strong (δ,n)-complements for semi-stable morphisms, arXiv:1810.01990, joint work with Stefano Filipazzi.

9. Regularity of structure sheaves of varieties with isolated singularities, arXiv:1808.09713, joint work with Jinhyung Park and Lei Song .

8. Cohen-Macaulay Du Bois singularities with a torus action of complexity one, arXiv:1806.08311, joint work with Antonio Laface and Alvaro Liendo.


7. On weak Zariski decompositions and termination of flips, arXiv:1805.01600, joint work with Christopher Hacon.

6. Termination of pseudo-effective 4-fold flips, arXiv:1802.10202.

5. Fundamental group of log terminal T-varieties, arXiv:1712.02172, joint work with Antonio Laface and Alvaro Liendo.

4. Bounding singular surfaces via Chern numbers, arXiv:1705.00256.

3. On a notion of toric special linear systems, arXiv:1512.09264.

2. On the topology of rational T-varieties of complexity one, arXiv:1503.06023, joint work with Antonio Laface and Alvaro Liendo.

1. Linear systems on the blow-up of (P^1)^n, arXiv:1401.6692, joint work with Antonio Laface.



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