Glasnik Matematicki

This periodical, published by the Croatian Mathematical Society and Department of Mathematics, University of Zagreb, is a new series of the journal "Glasnik matematicki, fizicki i astronomski".

"Glasnik Matematicki" brings original research papers from all fields of pure and applied mathematics published in English, French and German. The journal is published semiannually.

"Glasnik Matematicki" is covered by Mathematical Reviews and Zentralblatt für Mathematik/Mathematics Abstracts.

Our address is: Glasnik Matematicki, Bijenicka 30, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia, e-mail:

Editorial Board

Managing Editor

Zoran Vondracek, Zagreb


Associate editor

Neven Elezovic, Zagreb

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Submission of papers

Manuscripts should be sent either to the managining editor or to the one of the editors who is most closely concerned with the subject of the paper. Papers should be submitted in two copies with wide margins and double spaced. The first page should contain the article title, author and coauthor names, affiliation, proposed running head (less than 40 characters), a short abstract, a list of keywords and the Mathematics subject classification. In order to accelerate publication of papers, the publisher would like to encourage submission of manuscripts written in TeX. Upon acceptance of the paper, authors should send a disc (preferably PC) with TeX sources and relevant details or transmit files by electronic mail to:


The authors will jointly receive 50 offprints free of charge.

Current volume

Current volume of Glasnik Matematicki is Vol.30(50), 1995.

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