Teaching & Outreach

Past course websites

Summer 2018 Math 3150: PDEs for Engineers
Spring 2017 Math 1180: Prob & Stats for Biologists (lab)
Fall 2016 Math 1170: Calc for Biologists (lab)
Summer 2016 Math 3140: Vector Calculus & PDEs
Spring 2016 Math 1321: Accelerated Engineering Calc II
Fall 2015 Math 2250: ODEs & Linear Algebra
Spring 2015 Math 1320: Engineering Calculus II
Fall 2014 Math 1310: Engineering Calculus I

Outreach materials

Chaos, Fractals, Game of Life Powerpoint + worksheet for Science Day at the U workshop, 2017
Zombies + Math Presentation + worksheet for workshop to incarcerated youth, 2017
Disorder from Diffusion Pi Day at the Leonardo Museum, 2016
PDS: Algebraic Geometry + Math Bio UofU Math Dept Graduate Student Colloq, 2016
An Introduction to Pattern Formation UofU Math Dept Undergraduate Colloq, 2015
The Monty Hall Problem Science Day at the U, 2015


I’ve written up some notes for personal use that may helpful for others.

Linear Operators & Spectral Theory Taken from Math 6710 at Utah, the written qualifying exam class
Ordinary Differential Equations Taken from Math 6410 at Utah, the written qualifying exam class
Weak Noise Escape Problems WKB theory, Hamilton-Jacobi formulations of metastable escape
2-state QSS corrections Higher order corrections for quasi-steady-state reduction of a 2-state process
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