About Me

Hello! My name is Sean McAfee; I am a graduate student in the University of Utah Mathematics Department, studying representation theory under Dr. Peter Trapa. My specialty concerns the combinatorics of representations of the Lie group U(p,q). When I am not teaching or engaging in research, I enjoy reading, writing, and talking to strangers.


I have been an instructor for a wide range of courses at the University of Utah, from MATH 1010 (Intermediate Algebra) to MATH 2200 (Discrete Mathematics). This semseter, I am teaching MATH 1050 (College Algebra). Here are some course materials:
MATH 1050 syllabus
Midterm 1
Midterm 2


My CV, updated November, 2018: SeanMcAfeeCV.pdf


Here is a completely fabricated paper I wrote on the history and practice of Bonology, wonderfully illustrated by Jennifer Kenkel:
Bones: How Many are There?