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"The dimension of the Torelli group" (pdf)
-----w/ Mladen Bestvina and Kai-Uwe Bux

"A surgical proof of the contractibility of the complex of
------minimizing cycles" (pdf)
-----w/ Mladen Bestvina and Kai-Uwe Bux

"Multitwists in the Johnson filtration"
-----w/Mladen Bestvina and Kai-Uwe Bux

"Addendum to: Commensurations of the Johnson kernel" (pdf)
-----w/ Tara Brendle
-----Geometry and Topology 8 (2004), 1361-1384.

"Geometric presentations for the pure braid group" (pdf)
-----w/ Jon McCammond
-----Journal of Knot Theory and Its Ramifications (to appear)

"The lower central series and pseudo-Anosov dilatations" (pdf)
-----w/ Benson Farb and Chris Leininger
-----The American Journal of Mathematics (to appear)

"A homological recipe for pseudo-Anosovs" (pdf)
-----w/ Steven Spallone
-----Mathematical Research Letters 14 (2007), no.5, 853-863.

"Injections of Artin groups" (pdf)
-----w/ Robert Bell
-----Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici, 82 (2007) 725-751.

"Dimension of the Torelli group for Out(Fn)" (pdf)
-----w/ Mladen Bestvina and Kai-Uwe Bux
-----Inventiones Mathematicae 170 (2007), no. 1, 1-32.

"Weil-Petersson isometries via the pants complex" (pdf)
-----w/ Jeff Brock
----- Proceedings of the AMS 135 (2007), 795-803.

"Braid groups and the co-Hopfian property" (pdf)
-----w/ Robert Bell
----- Journal of Algebra 303: 275-294, 2006.

"Abstract commensurators of braid groups" (pdf)
-----w/ Chris Leininger
----- Journal of Algebra 299 (2): 447-455, 2006.

"Curve complexes and finite index subgroups
------ of mapping class groups" (pdf)
-----w/ Jason Behrstock
-----Geometriae Dedicata 118(1): 71-85, 2006.

"Commensurations of the Johnson kernel" (pdf)
-----w/ Tara Brendle
-----Geometry and Topology 8:1361-1384, 2004.

"Automorphisms of the pants complex" (pdf)
-----Duke Mathematical Journal 121(3): 457-479, 2004.

"A lantern lemma" (pdf)
-----Alg. and Geom. Topology 2: 1179-1195 2002.

"Geometry versus algebra in the mapping class group"
-----Ph.D. Thesis, University of Chicago, 2003.

"A primer on mapping class groups" (web site)
-----w/ Benson Farb

Translation of "Travaux de Thurston sur les surfaces"
-----w/ Djun Kim

"A Carnival of Calculus" (pdf)
-----MAA Focus, May 2008.