My research is in the area of applied math with specific emphasis on models of biological membranes.

Membranes are important structural units in cells. The plasma membrane separates the inside from the outside of the cell, while the inner membranes in eukaryotic cells separate the inside of the cell into special functional units called organelles.

Biological membranes are made up of various types of lipids and proteins. One of my main projects focuses on how the curvature of the membrane affects the motion of the lipids in the membrane. Using a two-phase fluid model, we can explore the interplay between phase separation and membrane shape and show that being in a curved membrane can cause phase separation where it wouldn't otherwise occur.

Another interesting question related to membranes is how electrostatic interactions affect membrane shape and behavior. Some lipids have charged head groups, and another of my projects looks at how electrostatic interactions between the charged lipids and charged ions in solution affect membrane characteristics.

Curriculum Vitae

Here is a copy of my current curriculum vitae.