Mathematics 4010

Summer 2005

Instructor: Kelly A. MacArthur

Class Time and Place:4:30 – 6:45 p.m.
Mondays and Wednesdays in LCB215

Office Hours: Mondays & Wednesdays 3:30 – 4:30 p.m. or by appointment.
Office Location: JWB221
Office Phone Number: 581-6443
E-mail address:

Text: Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers: A Contemporary Approach,
6th edition, by Musser, Burger, Peterson.

Prerequisite: At least a C grade in Math1050 (College Algebra).

Tutoring Lab: T. Benny Rushing Mathematics Student Center (adjacent to JWB and LCB),
Room 155
M - Th 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
F 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.
(opens the second week of class) (closed Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
They are also offering group tutoring sessions. If you're interested, inquire at the
Tutoring Lab.

Private Tutoring: University Tutoring Services, 330 SSB (they offer inexpensive tutoring)
There is also a list of tutors at the Math Department office in JWB233.

Math Education Website: The math department has a web page
for math teachers in K-12 schools.

Computer Lab: also in the T. Benny Rushing Mathematics Student Center, Room 155C.
M – Th 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.
F 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Link to computer lab

Grading: The grades will be calculated as follows:
Weekly Homework 7%
Problem Sets 8%
Midterm 15%
Midterm 15%
Midterm 10%
Practicum 14%
Portfolio 6%
Final Exam 25%
(Note: There will be 3 midterms. Your lowest midterm score will count for 10% of your grade
and your top two midterm scores will each count for 15% of your final grade.)

Weekly Homework: You are responsible for knowing these policies. Please take it seriously
because the flexibility listed here is literally all there is.

Problem Sets: Throughout the semester, I will assign 6 problem sets that will be
given in addition to your weekly homework. The problem sets will be graded for
correctness, like the exams (unlike the weekly homework). The grade of each problem set
will be based on accuracy, thoughtfulness, completeness and clarity of communication (i.e.
there may be no credit given for answers given without work shown). Each set will contain
roughly 15-25 problems on it and you can use these, as well as the weekly homework, as study
tools for the exams. These problem sets will be due a week or two after assigned. Since
these problem sets will be given out at random times, it is your responsibility to show up
to class in order to have current, correct information about these problems and their due
dates. The lowest problem set score will be dropped, thus late problem sets will NOT be
accepted under any circumstances.

Practicum: Each student will spend three hours in an elementary school classroom
observing children in the classroom. This classroom experience will be discussed in our
class as an assignment. Please be sure to complete your observations by June 10th and
turn in your permission slip by then
(I will not read and/or grade your practicum
report unless this is turned in). After your observations are complete, you will spend
another three hours working with a small group of children (at least two and the children
must be non-family members) teaching a math lesson. The practicum report is a
typewritten analysis of your mathematical work with the children. Be sure to keep
careful notes from this work in order to have the information available when you write
your practicum report. The report is due July 18th and will be discussed in
more detail during class. For every day, or portion thereof, that your Practicum
report is late, you will be deducted 20 percentage points! Remember that writing the
practicum report is required to pass this course.

Portfolio: The portfolio assignment will be handed out in the first week of
class, so you can be working on it throughout the semester. You can choose to put your
portfolio in a notebook or in an accordian file, whichever you prefer. This is meant to
be a long-term reference for you with regard to all the math we cover in this course.
You will use your portfolio in your Math Methods course to expand on some of the ideas
therein. These will be due during the last week of class. (I will set up
individual appointments with you to bring your portfolio to me for grading.) I do not
accept late Portfolios. The portfolio assignment will also be discussed more in class.

Other Policies: Due to experience, I have decided to make some additional
policies regarding my classroom administration and grading.
  1. There will be no retakes of exams…ever. Your score is what you get.
    Please don’t try to use your negotiating, persuasive skills on me regarding
    this issue. You will be faced with my polite, but unwavering “no.”
  2. You may take an alternate exam at the Testing Center if you talk to me about
    it first and explain the extenuating circumstances that make it necessary. Needing
    to work, babysitting your siblings, oversleeping, or needing more time to study do
    not pass as acceptable reasons to inconvenience me. Getting in a car crash
    or your mother’s death, on the other hand, is sufficient reason to request to
    take an alternate exam. But, it is 100% your responsibility to communicate with me
    as soon as is possible, before the exam occurs. Talking to me after
    the test will be sufficient reason for me to allow you to get a zero on that test.

    I reserve the right to make alternate exams more difficult than the scheduled exam.
  3. I will demand respectful behavior in my classroom. Examples of disrespect
    include reading a newspaper or magazine in class, social chatting with your friend
    in class, text-messaging your buddies during class or cuddling with your girl/boyfriend
    in class. If you choose to be disrespectful during my class, I can guarantee I
    will take action to terminate your disruptive behavior.
  4. There will be no cursing nor negative ranting (for example, “math sucks”)
    on any written work turned in. The penalty for such things on your written work will
    be a zero score on that assignment or test!
  5. If you have crisis-level extenuating circumstances which require flexibility,
    it is completely your responsibility to communicate with me as soon as possible. The
    longer you wait to communicate with me, the less I can do to help.