Math4010 Practicum

For this assignment, you are to spend three hours observing a math lesson in a K-6 elementary
classroom and three hours teaching a math lesson to a small group of two or more
children (not tutoring and not simply reviewing a worksheet the teacher gave
). The math lessons will probably be split into 2 or 3 sessions. The lessons should
be relevant to this course. That is, the topic you choose for your lesson must be related
to arithmetic operations or problem solving
(there will be an automatic 15 percentage
points deducted from your practicum grade if this is not adhered to). At the end of the
semester, you are required to submit a typewritten practicum report (4-6 pages) analyzing
your teaching experience. The intent of the practicum is:

These practicums are possible only through the cooperation of the in-service teachers.
There is a form attached to this description that you can take with you to the school. The
form describes the Math4010/4020 sequence, the purpose of the practicum, and asks for the
signatures of the teacher and principal granting permission for you to visit the classroom.
This form also gives the name and phone number of the course instructor so that the school
can contact us in case problems arise.

Your practicum report should include the following:
(Note: The last two items should take up about 80-85% of your report.)

Grading of your practicum report will be based on the depth of the analysis of your
lesson presentation. Refer to your syllabus for the practicum due date. (For every day
that your practicum report is late, you will be deducted 20 percentage points! Remember that
writing the practicum report is required to pass this course.

Note: Please remember to take detailed notes during your observation and immediately
following your teaching since it's likely that enough time will pass between the observation
date, your teaching, and the writing of your report that you may forget the details unless
they are recorded in writing.