Ndahoo'ah Artwork

Student Art Gallery--Navajo crafts rendered on LOGO.

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A design created during NDAHOO'AH 1994.

These images were created by middle and high school students participating in the Ndahoo'ah summer school program. They used LOGO to generate the designs. These images may not be used for commercial gain without the written permission of the creators.

Designs from 1994 (the Inaugural Year)

  1. Lorita's Group Rug
  2. A collection of Sandra's Beadwork
  3. Irene's wedding basket design
  4. Betty's Group Rug
  5. Stella's Rug Design
  6. Lena's Rug Design

Designs from 1996

  1. Carminda's Group Rug
  2. Raynard's Rug Design


Copyright 1995.