Some of my math work

Lecture notes

  • Introduction to general topology     Link
  • Theorems in mathemtical probability     Link
  • Theoretical introduction to undergrad probability         Link

Selected math topics

  • A brief introduction to Lebesgue-Stieltjes integral     Link
  • Right continuous inverse functions     Link
  • Convergence of normal random variables     Link
  • Locally compact Hausdorff spaces     Link
  • Completion of metric spaces     Link
  • Feller semigroups     Link

Reference solutions to U of U math prelim exams

Real and complex analysis



  • An approximation result for a class of stochastic heat equations with colored noise [To appear in Annals Applied Prob.] (Joint work with Prof. Mohammud Foondun and Prof. Mathew Joseph)     Link
  • Thesis: Comparison principles for parabolic stochastic partial differential equations     Link

Other senior math researchers' advice (in Chinese)