About me

I am a fifth year graduate student at the University of Utah, studying Representation theory with Gordan Savin. My expected graduation date is May 2020. My research focuses on representations of real reductive groups, and I am particularly interested in the Theta correspondence and dual pairs.

I am interested in teaching and math education. I have experience in mentoring other graduate students in their teaching, and I was one of the facilitators for the Instructor Training at the University of Utah for summer 2019. Additionally, I have worked on developing online homework for MATH 1060 (Trigonometry) associated with an OER textbook, in collaboration with Salt Lake Community College, as well as MATH 1050 (College Algebra) for the University of Utah.

I am from Switzerland, and studied at EPFL (Lausanne) before moving to Salt Lake City. My native language is French, but I still understand a little bit of German (if you speak really slowly!). When I am not working on my research, I am usually exploring the outdoor. I love skiing, climbing and hiking, and I am trying to explore Utah as much as I can!

You can find more on my CV.