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JULY 5-8, 2005

     Welcome back to Math! The week 1 schedule now lives at week1.html Our themes for this week are scaling laws in nature, and fractal geometry. Our tentative schedule is shown below. It may change as the week progresses.

My (Nick's) office is in LCB 204 and my phone number is 581-7318. This schedule lives at

Tuesday July 5
8:30 a.m.-11:10 a.m.
JTB 120
Geometric scaling: how to rescale space and Bob with affine transformations.
LCB 215
Math class advising and free lunch ( from Quizno's), with Angie Gardiner, our Director of Undergraduate Services, and early ACCESS graduate.

Wednesday July 6
JTB 120
What are fractals, and how to turn Bob into one.
Constructing interated function system (IFS) fractals with Maple. Here is a directory with procedures and examples. fractals
JTB 120
"What if Animals were Fractals?", a presentation by Meagan Mcnulty. A reference for Meagan's talk is "A General Model for the Origin of Allometric Scaling Laws in Biology", G.B. West, J.H. Brown, and B.J. Enquist, "Science Magazine" 276 4/7/97 p. 122-125,

Thursday July 7:
8:30-10:10 a.m.
PC-Lab 1735
Making your own fractals with Maple, part of your group project for this week. Use the files in the directory fractals.
LCB 121
"Percolation, polycrystals, polymers and penguins: the mathematics and physics of Antarctic sea ice and hi-tech composite materials" lecture by Math Professor Ken Golden. The survey paper on his work on Antarctic sea ice is "Icy Math", in "Science News" 158 #6, 8/12/2000. You can find it in the archives of

Friday July 8:
PC-Lab 1735
Testing the body mass index hypothesis with the data you have collected: For people of equal fatness or skinniness, is weight roughly proportional to the square of height, should there be a different power law, or is there no good power law? The file bmi.mws  ( bmi.pdf) introduces the discussion and Maple commands. Here are the height-weight data points you sent me: htwts.mws 
Your precise group project assignment for this week is assignment2.pdf