Math 2270
Linear Algebra
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Fall term, 1998

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  • Syllabus ..... general course information and tentative class schedule
  • Homework ..... a cumulative list of homework assignments
  • Math 2270 first Maple project introduction to Maple in the Math lab, and to its commands for matrix operations
  • Math 2270 second Maple project ....using Maple to study the geometry of linear transformations which map the plane to itself
  • Math 2270 third Maple project ....using Maple to study the fundamental subspaces associated to a matrix, and to study different bases and change of bases.
  • Math 2270 fourth Maple project ....a least squares fit to find how human mass is related to human height (at least in our class), followed by a study of inner products on function spaces, illustrating projections and the Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization algorithm.
  • Math 2270 fifth Maple project ....using the eigenvalues of quadratic forms to classify conic sections and quadric surfaces, plotting such curves and surfaces, and using Maple to explicitly perform the change of variables and algebraic manipulations which lead to their standard forms.