Math 2250-all sections
Differential Equations and Linear Algebra
Spring term, 2002

Maple Projects

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   The University maintains a great page with links to downloadable software, including Adobe Acrobat Reader (near the bottom of their page), which is free and lets you view the .pdf files below on your home computer. On the Math machines, acrobat is activated automatically if you go to a .pdf file. The University page also has links to free telnet and ftp software so you can access Math and University servers from home. Have a look at this page, you might find something you need.

Project III
    Laplace Transforms   This is a pdf document which contains your assignment. There is no version to download to Maple.

Project II
    Tacoma Narrows   Your second project is about spring oscillations, in the context of the famous Tacoma Narrows bridge disaster.

Project I
    mapleL1-2002.pdf Text of first project assignment   
    mapleL1-2002-text.mws   Maple commands; download these, open from Maple, then cut, paste, modify.

Tutorial:  (It's the same one we used last fall.)
    2250falltut.mws   Tutorial for Math Lab and Maple, including an introduction to project 1. This is the Maple Worksheet version; save it with your browser and then open it from Maple.
    2250falltut.txt   Maple text version
    2250falltut.pdf   version to print out, or view from your browser using Adobe Acrobat Reader; cannot be opened from Maple.