Math 2250
ODE's and Linear Algebra
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Fall term, 1998

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  • Syllabus ..... general course information and tentative class schedule
  • Homework ..... a cumulative list of homework assignments
  • Maple Tutorial ..... an introduction to Maple in the Math computer lab, for Math 2250 students
  • Maple Project 1 .....Maple project for September 16-23. Students in section 3 will only have to hand in part A.
  • Maple Project 2 .....Maple project for October. Numerical techniques for systems of DE's, applied in particular to the non-linear Duffing Spring
  • Maple Project 3 .....Maple project for November. Linear algebra computations, following the material in Chapter 5 of Gustafson-Wilcox
  • Maple Project 4 .....Maple project for December. Analyze how an earthquake makes your very own seven story building shake...notes to use while doing the computer project on pages 302-304 of Edwards-Penney text