Differential Equations
Math 2250-1
Fall 2011
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Logistics: Math 2250-1 meets MTWF 8:35 - 9:25 a.m., in WEB L104. If you are enrolled in this lecture class then you are also enrolled in our section 2250-6, which meets Thursdays 8:35-9:25 in JFB 103 (except for a one-time exception on September 8, when we'll use the room OSH WPRA.) Sections will be run by our course TA's, Nik Aksamit and Kishalaya Saha. On two of these Thursdays (September 29 and November 10) you will take your midterm exams. On the other Thursdays you will discuss concepts and homework problems. You will hand in weekly homework assignments and take weekly quizzes at the start of class on Fridays.

I hold office hours MW 2:20-3:00, T 10:40-11:30, Th 9:40-10:30 in my office LCB 204. If you need to see me outside of these times, we can set up an appointment. (You're free to drop by my office whenever you want, but I'll chase you away if I'm busy.) My office phone number is 801-581-7318 and my email address is korevaar "at" math.utah.edu. We will also organize TA office hours.

Course details: This 2250-1 syllabus  contains detailed course information, including a course outline, grading policy, expected schedule etc. Note that you will be required to get a grade of at least "C" on the final exam in order to get a grade of at least "C" for the course.

Class lecture notes are in this directory.
The homework page  contains assignments (and solutions, after you hand them in).
The exam page   contains weekly quiz solutions, exam review material, practice exams, and actual exams and solutions after you take them.
webct is where homework and quiz scores are recorded. This is also where you will submit computer projects.

understanding mathematics  is the top google hit for that query. If you're having trouble in this class it could be that you need to rethink how you try to learn mathematics, and that link might help.
The Kahn Academy is another good on-line resource - there is a video collection explaining many of the key ideas in differential equations and linear algebra, among other topics, at this site.

2250spring11  is the directory from my Math 2250 class this past spring. You can get a good idea of how I plan to teach the current class by looking at that page and its links.