Reminder: Homework will not be collected, but you will be quizzed, in class, on the due date.

(Due Wednesday May 18th)

Collect Data for and Analyze your (as thought of in class) 2-Sample Problem
Make sure to take note of any difficulties or questions that arise

Collect Data for and Graph your (as assigned in class) Categorical or Quantitative data

Ch 1: 14,16,17,19,20,21,23,25,27,33,37,39

Ch 2: 15,19,21,23,25,31,33,35,39,41

(Due Monday May 23rd)

Spot data from your everyday life that you think is normally distributed.
How would you prove that it is normal to a skeptic

Ch 3: 15,17,19,21,23,25,29,31,35,37,41,43,47,49

(Due Wednesday May 25th)

Find two variables from your everyday life that are linearly correlated but not causally related
Ch 4: 15,19,21,25,31,40,41
Ch 5: 17,21

(Due Wednesday June 1st)

Ch 5: 31,33
Ch 8: 25,27,31,33
Ch 9: 29,31,35,43,47,49

(Due Monday June 6th)

Ch 10: 31-43 odds 47-57 odds

(Due Wednesday June 8th)

Ch 11: 23-31 odds 35-41 odds
Ch 14: 37,39,43,45

(Due Monday June 13th)

Ch 14 (some repeats): 4,5,25,37,39,43,45,51,53,55
Ch 15: 8,29-35odds,39,43

(Due Wednesday June 15th)

Ch 16: 17,19,25,27,33,45,47,50
Ch 17: 15,21

(Due Monday June 20th)

Ch 17: 33,35,37,39,41,45,47
Ch 18: 25,27,31,35,37,45,49

Final Exam on Wednesday June 22nd