Department of Mathematics

MATH 1090, Spring 2009
Section 1: MWF 8:35-9:25am, WEB 110 (Warnock Engineering Building)
Section 2: MWF 10:45-11:35am, WEB 101 (Warnock Engineering Building)

Business Algebra


Peter Kim
Office: LCB 313 (LeRoy Cowles Building)
Phone: 585-1645
(my 3-letter last name)[at symbol]math[dot]utah[dot]edu

Office hours:

M 1:30-3:00pm
W 1:30-3:00pm
(I am also available right after lecture,
or by appointment via email.)

Prerequisites Textbook Course Outline Homework Grading Tutoring Policies


At least a C grade in Math 1010 (Intermediate Algebra).


Mathematical Applications for the Management, Life and Social Sciences,
(Special 8th edition), by Harshbarger & Reynolds.

Course Outline


Assigned Date Due Date Homework Problems / Handouts
First day of class Mon, Jan 12 CourseInfo.pdf
Homework #1 Mon, Jan 12 Wed, Jan 21 0.2 # 1-39 odd
0.3 # 1-57 odd
Homework #2 Wed, Jan 21 Mon, Jan 26 0.4 # 1-55 odd
0.5 # 1-65 odd
Homework #3 Mon, Jan 26 Mon, Feb 2 0.6 # 1-51 odd
0.7 # 1-53 odd
1.1 # 1-51 odd
Homework #4 Mon, Feb 2 Mon, Feb 9 1.2 # 1-45 odd, 55, 59
1.3 # 1-55 odd
1.5 # 1-21 odd, 27-39 odd
Midterm 1 (in class) Fri, Feb 13
Homework #5 Mon, Feb 9 Mon, Feb 23 1.6 # 1-49 odd
2.1 # 1-35 odd, 43-51 odd
2.2 # 1-21 odd, 31-39 odd
Homework #6 Mon, Feb 23 Mon, Mar 2 2.3 # 1-31 odd
2.4 # 1-33 odd, 41, 45, 47
2.6 # 1-39 odd, 47 odd
Homework #7 Mon, Mar 2 Mon, Mar 9 3.1 # 1-33 odd, 37, 45
3.2 # 1-41 odd, 45, 49 odd
3.3 # 1-17 odd, 23-41 odd, 51
Midterm 2 (in class) Fri, Mar 13
Homework #8 Mon, Mar 9 Mon, Mar 23 3.4 # 1-21 odd, 25-35 odd, 41-47 odd, 53, 55, 61
Homework #9 Mon, Mar 23 Mon, Mar 30 4.1 # 1-29 odd
4.2 # 1-31 odd
5.1 # 1-21 odd, 29-41 odd
Homework #10 Mon, Mar 30 Mon, Apr 6 5.2 # 1-39 odd, 43, 53-65 odd
5.3 # 1-77 odd, 81, 85, 87, 93, 95
Homework #11 Mon, Apr 6 Mon, Apr 13 6.1 # 1-49 odd
6.2 # 1-43 odd, 47-63 odd
Midterm 3 (in class) Wed, Apr 15
Homework #12 Mon, Apr 13 Mon, Apr 27 6.3 # 1-35 odd
6.4 # 1-43 odd
6.5 # 1-33 odd
Final Exam Tue, May 5 3:30-5:30pm
Social & Behav. Sci Auditorium (Beh S Aud)
Review Exercises
Review Key
Last Semester's Final


The grades will be calculated as follows:
(There will be 3 midterms. Your lowest midterm score will count for 10% of your grade
and your top two midterm scores will each count for 25% of your final grade.)


The Math Department Tutoring Center has tutors available if you want to drop in for help.
They meet in the T. Benny Rushing Center (between JWB and LCB), Rm 155.
Check the website for hours.

The ASUU Tutoring Center (330 SSB) also offers inexpensive private tutoring.
A list of tutors is available at the Math Department office (JWB233).


Weekly Homework: You are responsible for knowing these policies. Please take it
seriously because the flexibility listed here is literally all there is.

WebCT: I will put your grades online on WebCT.
You can also get there from the University of Utah website
To log in, you use the same student ID and password that you use for
Campus Information System. I do my best to update the grades on a regular
basis and keep everything accurate. However, I advise you to check your
grades often to make sure there were no data entry mistakes. I'm always
happy to correct any mistakes I've made. You just need to let me know.

Grading Scale: Although I'm not philosophically opposed to curving
grades, I find it's rarely necessary. The grade scale will be the usual:
A (93-100), A- (90-92), B+ (87-89), B (83-86), B- (80-82), C+ (77-79),
C (73-76), C- (70-72), D+ (67-69), D (63-66), D- (60-62), E (0-59).
If I do need to curve the grades, I will simply shift everything down
by a few points (whatever is necessary).

Other Policies: Due to experience, I have decided to make some
additional policies regarding my classroom administration and grading.

  1. There will be no retakes of exams…ever. Your score is
    what you get.
  2. You may take an alternative exam if you talk to me about it first
    and explain the extenuating circumstances that make it necessary.
    Needing to work, babysitting your siblings, oversleeping, or needing
    more time to study do not pass as acceptable reasons.
    Getting in a car crash or your mother’s death, on the other
    hand, is sufficient reason to request to take an alternative exam. But,
    it is 100% your responsibility to communicate with me as soon as is
    possible, before the exam occurs (or as soon as possible).
    Talking to me after the problem will be sufficient reason
    for me to allow you to get a zero on that test.
    I reserve the right
    to make alternative exams more difficult than the scheduled exam.
  3. I will demand respectful behavior in my classroom. Examples of
    disrespect include reading a newspaper or magazine in class, social
    chatting with your friend in class, text-messaging your buddies during
    class or cuddling with your girl/boyfriend in class. If you choose to
    be disrespectful during my class, I can guarantee I will take action
    to terminate your disruptive behavior.
  4. There will be no cursing nor negative ranting (for example,
    “math sucks”) on any written work turned in. The penalty
    for such things on your written work will be a zero score on that
    assignment or test!
  5. You need to have a valid email address registered with Campus
    Information System. I will regularly send emails to the class and expect
    you to be responsible for receiving that information.
  6. If you have crisis-level extenuating circumstances which require
    flexibility, it is completely your responsibility to communicate with me
    as soon as possible. The longer you wait to communicate with me, the
    less I can and am willing to do to help.