List of Publications

  1. On the behavior of test ideals under finite morphisms (joint with Karl Schwede).  In preparation.

  2. On the Number of Compatibly Frobenius Split Subvarieties, Prime $F$-ideals, and Log Canonical Centers (2009, joint with Karl Schwede).  To appear in Annales de L’Institut Fourier (Grenoble).

  3. Integrally Closed Ideals on Log Terminal Surfaces are Multiplier Ideals (2008).  To appear in Mathematical Research Letters.

  4. Jumping Numbers on Algebraic Surfaces with Rational Singularities (2008).  To appear in Transactions of the AMS.

  1. Jumping Numbers and Multiplier Ideals on Algebraic Surfaces (2010).  Doctoral Dissertation (unpublished).

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