Kevin Tucker


I am currently a NSF Postdoctoral Fellow in the Math Department at the University of Utah.  My Scientific Sponsor is Tommaso de Fernex, and I specialize in both Algebraic Geometry and Commutative Algebra.

I graduated from the University of Michigan in May of 2010 as a student of Karen Smith. My dissertation was titled “Jumping Numbers and Multiplier Ideals on Algebraic Surfaces.”

Upcoming activities include:

  1. Summer School on Birational Geometry and Moduli Spaces (University of Utah)

  2. Invited Speaker at the AMS-SMM Special Session on Singularity Theory in Algebraic Geometry (Berkeley, California)

  3. MRC on Birational Geometry and Moduli Spaces (Snowbird, Utah)

  4. Visiting Manuel Blickle for the month of July (Mainz, Germany)