VIGRE2 Vertical Intergration of Research and Education Department of Mathematics, University of Utah

Early Research Directions







This course is intended to broaden students' perspective of mathematical research areas, while simultaneously introducing important mathematical concepts. More than a survey course, we plan to start from the beginning and develop selected topics to the point that students can grasp some of the central ideas important at a research level.

Spring 2011 Course

Organizer: Andrejs Treibergs
Assistant: Brendan Kelly
ERD course will meet Thursdays, at 3:20 PM in LCB 121.

Geometric Analysis

1/20: Andrejs Treibergs, "Geometry and Analysis of Surfaces"

Representation Theory, Number Theory, and Arithmetic Geometry

1/27: Moshe Adrian, "Representation Theory, Number Theory, and the Langlands Program"
2/3: Gordan Savin, "Construction of Abelian Extensions using Elliptic Curves"
2/10: Remi Lodh, "Geometry and Number Theory."

Notes by Robert Snellman.

Probability Theory

2/17: Davar Khoshnevisan, "The Mathematics of Structure and Disorder: Looking at Roots and Finding Chaos"
2/24: Firas Rassoul-Agha, "Drunken Sailors in Disordered Cities", -notes-

Commutative Algebra

3/3: Anurag Singh, "Algebraic Sets and Arithmetic Rank"
3/10: Lance Miller, "More Algebraic Sets and Singularities"


3/17: Nat Smale, "Hodge Theory on Metric Spaces"

Notes by Brendan Kelly.

Applied Mathematics

3/31: Fernando Guevara Vasquez, "Can You Hear the Mass Density of a String?" -notes-
Christel Hohenegger."A simple model for ketchup like liquid, its numerical challenges and limitations" -notes-
4/14: Yekaterina Epshteyn."Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Method for the classical Patlak-Keller-Segel chemotaxis model" -notes-

Notes by Andrew Thaler.