Great Books for the Elementary Math Classroom

Title Author Subject
A Cloak For The Dreamer Aileen Friedman Shapes
A Remainder Of One Elinor Pinczes Fractions
Amanda Bean's Amazing Dream Marilyn Burns Counting
Anno's Math Games Mitsumasa Anno n/a
Each Orange Had 8 Slices Paul Giganti Fractions
Family Math Stenmark, Thompson Math with parents
Grandfather Tang's Story Ann Tampert Tangrams
How Big is a Foot? Rolf Myller Measurement
How Much Is A Million? David Schwartz Large numbers
If You Hopped Like A Frog David Schwartz Ratios
If You Made A Million David Schwartz Large numbers
Knots On A Counting Rope Bill Martin Jr. Pythagoras
Marvelous Math A Book Of Poems Lee Bennett Hopkins n/a
Measuring Penny Loreen Leedy Measurement
Missing Piece Shel Silverstein Poems
One Grain Of Rice Demi Exponential growth
One Hundred Hungry Ants Elinor Pinczes Counting
One Hungry Cat Joanne Rocklin n/a
Phantom Toll Booth Norton Jester MATH
Read Any Good Math Lately? David J. Whiting Stories behind situations
Sir Cumference And The Dragon Of Pi Cindy Neuschwander π
Sir Cumference And The First Round Table Cindy Neuschwander π
Socrates And The Three Little Pigs Tuyosi Mori Logic
Spaghetti & Meatballs for All Marilyn Burns Area, perimeter
Storytime Mathtime Patricia Satariano Math in unexpected places
Ten Little Rabbits n/a Counting
The Button Box n/a Sets
The Doorbell Rang Pat Hutchins Manipulatives
The Dot And The Line Norton Juster Geometry
The Grapes of Math Greg Tang Riddles
The Greedy Triangle Marilyn Burns Polygons
The Greedy Triangle Marilyn Burns Polygons
The Hershey's Milk Chocolate Fractions Book Jerry Pallotta Fractions
The History Of Counting n/a Counting
The King's Chessboard n/a Exponential growth
The King's Commissioners Marilyn Burns Counting
The Librarian Who Measured The Earth Kathryn Lasby Measurement
The Little Book Of Big Primes Paul Ribenboim Primes
The M&M Counting Book n/a Counting
The Math Curse Jon Scieszka Math can be a problem
The Teacher From The Black Lagoon Mike Thaler Fear of school
Two Ways to count to Ten Ryby Dee Counting
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