More pictures of Joshua James Beuker

These were taken 6 hrs after birth on Feb. 19, 2004
  • Some more pictures taken 2/24/2004

    Love at first sight. Come on, Josh, open your eyes. This isn't a blind date.

    Off to the doctors. I wonder if the diet I am on is working.

    Nap time.

    Please put some clothes on me, and get that thing outta my face!

    Aren't mommies nice?


    Grandma Beuker's lap is nice too.

    Buttering up the Grandma and Grandpa Keener (Gotta get that college education fund started)

    I'll bet you think all I do is sleep, Huh?

    First shampoo

    So which one is the teddy bear?

    Time for a bath.

    That was exhausting.

    March 11, 2004

    Good looking kid, eh?

    Boy, I'll bet mommy likes seeing this