SPRING   2003

Foundations of  Geometry,  Math. 3100-1.

When: TH, 10:45-12:05 PM.

Where: LCB 222

 Syllabus, pdf

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Hi everybody:

On Monday I was in Vancouver at a conference and I have asked another professor to proctor the final exam but he had forgotten about it.  I am back to Salt Lake City. I am planning to give everybody a grade based only on the 2 highest midterm scores + extra points for the homework. Those who would like to take a final exam nevertheless, please contact me:
You can take the exam on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Sorry for what have happened.

Michael Kapovich

Material to be covered on  the final exam: ps, pdf

Concurrence theorems for medians, perpendicular bisectors, altitudes and angle bisectors of a triangle:
ps, pdf

Triangle inequality and lines in the plane: ps, pdf

 History of mathematics online

   Noneuclidean geometry online : Ruler and compas constructions, illustration of various
   theorems of non-Euclidean geometry, etc.

1-st midterm test (sample):ps, pdf
2-nd midterm test (sample):ps, pdf
3-rd midterm test (sample):ps, pdf
Final test (sample):ps, pdf
Exam 1 (Feb. 6), solutions:  ps, pdf Exam 3 (April 17): ps, pdf
Exam 2 (March 13), solutions:  ps, pdf Final exam (April 28, 10:30-12:30): 


I will post the results of the final exam and the grades on the door of my office (JWB 303) on April 29,
in the evening.
Hwk 1. ps,pdf Hwk 1. 
Hwk 2.  ps,pdf Hwk 2. 
Hwk 3.  ps,pdf Hwk 3. 
Hwk 4.   ps,pdf Hwk 4. 
Hwk 5.  ps,pdf Hwk 5. 
Hwk 6.  ps,pdf
Hwk 7.  ps,pdf
Hwk 8.   ps,pdf
Hwk 9.   ps,pdf
Hwk 10.   ps,pdf
Hwk 11.  ps,pdf
Hwk 12.  ps,pdf