List of my papers

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Preprints and (to be) under revision:

37. Intersection pairing on hyperbolic 4-manifolds, Preprint of MSRI, 1992.

38. Hyperbolic 4-manifolds fibered over surfaces, preprint, 1993.

39. Eisenstein series and Dehn surgery, Preprint of MSRI, 1992.

40. Topological aspects of Kleinian groups in several dimensions, Proceedings of 3-rd
Ahlfors-Bers Colloquium, submitted.

41.  An example of a 2-dimensional hyperbolic group which cannot act on 2-dimensional complexes of negative curvature, Preprint 1994.

42. Flats in 3-manifolds, Preprint, 1996.

43. Discrete Groups and Riemann Surfaces: Notes on Teichmuller theory, University of Utah Lecture Notes, 1993.

44. On normal subgroups in the fundamental groups of complex surfaces, Preprint, 1998.

45. (with B. Kleiner), Coarse Alexander duality and duality groups. Submitted.

46. Periods of abelian differentials and dynamics, Preprint, 2000.

47. (with J. Millson and B. Leeb), Polygons in symmetric spaces and buildings with applications to algebra.  Preprint, 2002.

48. (with J. Millson and B. Leeb) Polygons in symmetric spaces and buildings.  Preprint, 2002.