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Department of Mathematics
155 South 1400 East JWB
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Tel : +1 801 - 581 7916
 Fax: +1 801 - 581 4148

I have moved to the    University of California in Davis


Research interests:

Low dimensional geometry and topology. Kleinian groups and hyperbolic manifolds in all dimensions.

Representation varieties of finitely generated groups.

Configuration spaces of elementary geometric objects like arrangements and mechanical linkages.

Fundamental groups of Kahler manifolds and smooth algebraic varieties.

Manifolds of nonpositive curvature and quasi-isometries. Geometric group theory.

My electronic preprints
List of publications


Geometric group theory   Math. 7853,    Fall 2002
Linear Algebra   Math. 2270-2, Fall 2002
Old classes              1999-2002
Foundations of geometry Math. 3100-1, Spring 2003

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Escher's zoo:

Penguins in the hyperbolic plane

Crocodiles in the Euclidean plane

Hodge-podge theory

This is where I am from (the motherland of all elephants)