Quantitative Analysis Math 1100 section 4 (MWF 10:45-11:45)

Course syllabus

Homework #1 Due Wednesday August 30th.  ( Remark this is the only homework not due in class and not on a Friday unless otherwise stated.)

Homework #2 Due Friday September 1st (in class).

Homework #3 Due Friday September 8th (in class and staple homework).

Homework #4 Due Friday September 15th (in class before the exam starts, and staple homework).

Homework #5  Due Friday September 22nd (staple homework).

Homework#6 Due Friday September 29 (staple homework).

Homework #7 Due October 13 (staple homework).

Homework #8
Due October 27 (staple homework).

Homework#9 Due Friday November 3rd (staple homework).

Homework #10 Due friday November 10th (staple homework).

Due November 17th.

Homework #12
Due December 1st.

Practice Exam 1.  The exam is friday september 15th.  You will see similar types of questions to that of the practice exam on the actual exam.  I am going to take one problem from the practice exam and one problem from your homework (most likely from the selected solutions) and put them on the exam.  There are some study suggestions listed at the end of the practice exam.

Practice Exam 2.  The exam is October 16 the date listed on the syllabus.  You should expect the format of the exam to be similar to exam 1 and the practice exam as well as my testing style.  Some questions will be similar to the practice exam and homework.

Practice Exam 3.  The exam is November 13th the date listed on the course syllabus.  You should expect the format of the exam to be similar to exams 1, 2 and the practice exam as well as my testing style.

A few practice problems and notes for the final exam.  (This provides a few remarks about some of the problems or types of problems you will see on the final exam.)

For the final I am offering 5 points extra ctedit which will be applied towards the final exam grade.  The assignment is to be turned in before the student takes the final exam.  The assignment may be turned in on the day of the final exam.  The assignment is to write the solutions to all the exams, practice exams, practice problems for final (listed above), and all problems listed on the practice problems for the final exam work sheet (listed above).  The problems are to be neatly written on a seperate pice of paper and stapled to the corresponding exam/practice exam.  (In other words you may not turn in your old exams.  You must rewrite solutions to exams and practice exams.)  For full points you must have a cover letter with your name, course #, instructors name, staple or bind your entire solution set.  (If these instructions are not followed with care students will lose at least 1/2 point or all points).  Write your solutions neatly explaining every step as if you had to explain it to someone who had never seen the problem before.  You may work with anyone in the class or get help from tutors so long as you understand the solution, and you write the final solution.  You can also ask me questions.  (This will be graded on completion and correctness; similar to your homework.)

List of problems.   Most or all of your homework will be a subset of the problems listed here (so if anyone wants to work ahead they can work the problems listed here).  A few additional problems maybe added to homework sections, and the problems not assigned for homework are practice problems.