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Math 1030
Introduction To Quantitative Thinking.

Course syllabus

  · Announcements

  Exam 1 review will be held at 7:00 A.M. in the usual class room on June 13th 2007 (there will be both a review and a brief lecture).

  Extra credit assignment for the exam one.  Write up and turn in solutions to the practice exam  by June 13th.  You must also come to talk with me for 5 minutes about concepts in the course, how your doing, and questions which I may ask you or you may ask me.  You will not get full credit for the extra credit unless you both turn in solutions and come meet with me.  Upon sucessful completion 5 points will be added to your exam 1 score.  You may do this assignment in groups.
  Here is the practice exam for exam 1.

  Here is the practice exam for exam 2.
  One page of notes one sided will be allowed on the exam 2.
  Five points extra credit will be given to students who write up and turn in solutions to the second practice exam by July 12th 2007.  If you found that meeting with me or doing the practice exam helped you with the first exam I encourage you to do both again for the second exam.  There will be an exam review on Friday the 13th of July 2007.

  Final exam August 2nd 7:30-9:30 LCB 121.  You may bring one page of notes front and back.  We start reviewing for the final exam on July 27th.  Students may find it beneficial to review old exams and quizzes. 

    ·Homework Assignments

A note regarding homework.  On the day that the homework is due I will answer questions on homework which students submit to me (via e-mail) for the first 10 to 20 minutes of class.  Students must submit questions to me on the homework via e-mail 24 hours before class but generally I will check my e-mail the night before class starts sometime after 6 P.M.  I most likely will not be able to answer everyone's questions (probably just a few people's questions) since I only have 10-20 minutes, but I am more than willing to discuss your questions with you via e-mail, and before or after class.  I strongly encourage students to ask questions and get help if they are confused on course material or homework.

Homework 1.  Due May 30th 2007.

Homework 2.  Due June 4th 2007.

Homework 3.  Due June 13th 2007

Homework 4.  Due June 29th 2007.

Homework 5.  Due July 9th 2007.

Homework 6 due July 25th 2007

    ·Quizz dates

Quiz #1
Monday May 21st 2007
(4 points extra credit will be given to students who complete and hand in solutions to the diagnostic test in class on friday May 18th 2007.)
(This will cover material from the diagnostic test and most likely material covered on Friday (section 1C in the text).)

Quiz #2 June 4th 2007 (This will cover material from section 1D through material that will we covered on friday.  You will need to know the tables for converting units such as volumes, length, mass, and time.  You will need to know the USCG system, the metric system, and how to convert between the two systems.  No notes are allowed, and you should not count on any formulas or conversions being given.  I mentioned in class the formulas/conversion factors I expect you to know for the quiz.)

Quiz #3 June 29th 2007.  This will cover material that has been covered through Wednesday and beginning with section 4c.

Quiz #4 July 9th 2007.  This will cover material through friday.

Quiz #5 July 25th 2007.