Math 1030, Spring 2012


Office hours

JWB 331

Monday 1:50-2:50pm (right after class)

Thursday 12:25-1:25pm


Tutoring Lab (when I will be there, it is open all day on school days):

Wednesday 2:00-3:00pm


Class Info



Class schedule


Homework Assignments


Grades posted on Canvas (please note that the "Total" column is not correctly weighted.)


The Final Exam is on Wednesday May 1, 3:30. The date listed in the syllabus I handed out in class is incorrect.


Other Documents

Math Tutoring Center Memo


Unit conversions to memorize


Midterm 1 Study Materials, includes copies of the quizzes. The test is on Friday, Feb. 22!


Project Information


Midterm 2 Sample


Final exam study guide and practice

Lecture Notes

My 9C notes


These were made by another instructor, but I will probably use them as an outline. If you want, you can print them out and then fill in the blanks during lecture.


Notes 1C

Notes 1D

Notes 2A

Notes 2B

Notes 3A

Notes 3B

Notes 4B

Notes 4C

Notes 4D

Notes 8A

Notes 8B

Notes 8C

Notes 9A

Notes 9B