Math 1080-1,  Perspective on Mathematics, Spring 2006  

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HW Problems and Solution key: HW1,(Sol)HW2,(Sol),   HW3,(Sol),   HW4(Sol),   HW5, (Sol),   HW6, (sol),   HW7,(sol),   HW8,(sol),   HW9,(sol)HW10, (sol) HW11(sol)
Solution key to Exams : Exam 1,  Exam 2,  Exam 3,   Final Exam
Practice exams: Practice Exam 1,  Practice Exam 2Practice Exam 3, Practice Final

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HW problems and Due  

Spivak p88-p99. Introduction to Area
Solution key to Ex2 and scores have been updated!
Read Spivak p.88-p.99.
HW SET 8 DUE on Thursday 03/30

Definite integral


Definite integral and fundamental Theorem of calsulus
HW set 8 DUE on Thursday 03/30
HW set 9 is posted (due on 04/06)

Solution to HW set 8 is posted above.

Area and the definite integrals
HW set 9 is posted (due on 04/06)

Application and calculation of definite integrals
Solution key to HW 9 has been posted above.
Practice exam 3 is posted in the above.


More examples and Review for the exams
HW set 10 is posted (due on 04/13)

Exam 3

More integration by substitution,
Finding volume by integration
Solution key to HW 10 and Exam 3 and score are updated.
HW set 11 is due on Apr. 25 (Tuesday)

Read p.113-p.121 of Spivak's book (and also read p.105-112).

Finding volume by integration
Don't miss class for this new materials.

Review for the final.
Practice Final problem set is posted above.
HW 11 is due Apr.25.

May 1
Final Exam (1-3pm)
The final exam is comprehensive.


Spivak, p.3-p.11
#1 on p.8 of Spivak's book (Click this to print out this page from the textbook if you haven't gotten the books yet)
Syllabus,  A diagnostic test to test your readiness
Spivak, p.11-p.23
HW SET 1 DUE on Thursday 01/19 (click this to print out, Do your HW following the instruction as in the above)


Composite functions and Limits  (Spivak, p.41-p.44)
The textbooks don't have enough materials on Limits and continuity of functions so Refer to class notes.
HW SET 1 DUE on Thursday 01/19 (click this to print out, Do your HW following the instruction as in the above)

Continuity of functions (Spivak, p.41-p.44), Rate of change(Sawyer, p.11-p.21)
HW set 1 is Due. HW SET 2 DUE on Thursday 01/26 (click this to print out)

Derivative of functions by using limit definitions (Spivak, p.24-p.59)
HW set 1 solution is posted above. HW SET 2 DUE on Thursday 01/26 (click this to print out)

Derivative rules and derivative of trigonometry (Spivak, p.60-p.68 and Sawyer, p.34-p.49)
HW set 3 Due on 02/02 is posted (click this to print out)
1. The solution key to HW 2 is posted in the above. Check it out.
2. The HW score has been updated in the above. Please check with your last 3 digits of student ID #.
If there is a mistake, please biring your graded HW and talk to me.

Derivative of exponential functions (Spivak, p.60-p.68 and Sawyer, p.33-p.49)
HW set 3 Due on 02/02 is posted (click this to print out)

Application of derivatives
HW set 4 Due on 02/09 is posted (click this to print out)
HW ser 3 solution is posted and the scorea are updated as well.


2nd order approximation and review for the exam.
HW set 4 Due on 02/09 is posted (click this to print out)
HW ser 3 solution is posted and the scorea are updated as well.
Practice exam problems have been updated above. We will solve the problems on Tuesday after we finish the material left.

Exam 1
Exam 1 will cover all materaisl taught from Jan 10 to Feb.2.

critical points/Inflection points and local mix/local min
Exam 1 solution and HW 4 solution have been updated above.
HW Set 5 Due on 02/24 is posted (click this to print out)

 global max/min and the graph of various functions

Applications of maximiaing and minimizing problems

Intermediate Value Theorem, Rolle's Theorem, Mean Value Theorem/ Their applications
HW Set 5 Due on 02/24 is posted (click this to print out)
1. Read the textbook, Spivak's book, p.69-p.87 and Sawyer's book, p.61-p.80
2. A partial solution to HW set 5: Refer to this for #1.
3. HW set 6 Due on 03/02 is posted above.

4. HW set 5 solution has been posted in the above.

Approximation methods of solutions (bisection, newton's, fixed point methods)
HW set 7 Due on 03/09 is posted above. (It has been modified)

Sigma and Summation notations and their evaluations
solution to HW 6 is posted. HW set 7 is ready to printed out. (Here In #4, I showed that f'<0 so f must be decreasing (it is written wrongly!), Thank Seth for pointing out!)
HW set 7 has been modified.

Review for the exam 2
HW set 7 has been modified.
Practice Exam 2 has been posted in the above. The CIS server is down so emailing is not available at this moment.

Exam 2 will cover all materials learned after exam 1 until March 2.
You can refer to HW 5,6 and 7 problems to see what they are.
Also go over all examples given in class as well as HW problems to prepare for the exam.

Exam 2
HW set 7 solution key is posted.


Spring break!

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Textbook :  What is Calculus about? by W.W.Sawyer, (MAA), and  The Hitchhiker's Guide to Calculus by M.Spivak (MAA)

Prerequisites:  Students will need to be able to do algebra at the level of Math 1010, ``Intermediate Algebra,'' in order to succeed in Math 1080. A diagnostic test to test your readiness will be handed out on Jan. 10. If you have doubts, please consult with me.

Course Description and a brief syllabus:  MATH 1080 is a basic introduction to the basic concepts of calculus, emphasizing ideas rather than technical skills. It is intended for non - science majors who want to get a meaningful idea of the concepts, techniques and applications of calculus. The course should give you some idea of the the main tools of the subject, as well as some historically important applications to physics. It will sharpen your algebra skills and give you an appreciation of mathematics in general. It is a Science Foundation and a Quantitative Reasoning A course. The main topics to be discussed are: functions and graphs, speed and derivatives, physical and geometric interpretation of the derivative, calculation of derivatives, higher derivatives and acceleration, antiderivatives and integrals, geometric and physical application of integrals. More detailed syllabus will be updated in the section 'Class Announcement' in this webpage below. Please check this page regularly.

Course Policies:

Exam dates are Ex1: Feb.9, Ex2: Mar.9, Ex3: April 13  (these are tentative according to our following-up pace), Final Ex: Monday, May 1, 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
  (scheduled, so please make sure there is no conflict with your schedule). There will be NO MAKE-UPS to be fair to everyone.  
Three in-class Exams (each 20 %, total 60%)
Final exam (25 %)
HW (15%)
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Important Tips:
Please come to every class.  Practice lots of homework problems. Form study groups. Come to the office hours. Study daily, not just before exams. Maintain and refer to class notes. Ask questions! Participate in class! I am looking forward to meeting each of you. I urge you to come to see me if you ever need help or if you feel that you are falling behind. Please  feel free to also email me. I hope you find this course both productive and enjoyable. GOOD LUCK!!!