Math 1220 section 1- Fall 2007



Note that the second exam is scheduled for October 31st.  The syllabus originally showed this exam as scheduled for October 24th but has been updated to show the correct date.  Please contact me immediately if the new date will create a conflict for you.

The second homework assignment will be due on Wednesday, September 5th.

Formula sheet for exam I - updated

Practice problems for exam I

Exam I will be based on homework and will contain about one problem from each section we have covered so far.  In your preparation, pay particular attention to finding the derivative of the inverse of a function, completing squares and using integrating factors to solve differential equations.

Grades for Exam I: 90-130 A, 67-90 B, 47-67 C.

Practice problems for Exam II: 8.1:18, 8.2:22, 8.3:12, 8.4:10, 9.1:10, 9.2:10, 9.3:8, 9.4:14, 9.5:16, 9.6:18, 9.7:8, 9.8:14

Formula sheet for exam II

Exam II will consist of ten homework problems from the assignments for chapters 8 and 9.  Learn the p-series test and know the definitions of convergence, absolute convergence, conditional convergence and divergence for series.  There will be at least one Taylor series problem.

Exam III will cover material from chapter 10 and section 15.1.

Practice Exam III

Formula Sheet for Exam III

Practice Final

Formula Sheet for the Final

Exam I

Exam II

Exam III