Hyunjoong KIM

 Graduate student · Department of Mathematics · University of Utah

I am now a 3rd year graduate student in the Biophysics and Stochastics Research Group at the University of Utah, advised by Professor Paul Bressloff. Before coming to the University of Utah, I received my MSc in Computational Science and Engineering from Yonsei University, South Korea, advised by Professor Jeehyun Lee and Hee-Dae Kwon, and my BSc in Mathematics from the same university.

I am primarily interested in modeling stochastic biological phenomena and analyzing it mathematically/computationally. Currently, I am focusing on intercellular signaling via cytoneme, a long and thin cellular projection, during morphogenesis of the embryonic development.

[Last update: 10/22/2018]


In preparation, submitted or under review

  1. H Kim and P C Bressloff. A random search-and-capture model of cytoneme-mediated morphogen gradient formation In preperation (2018)

Peer reviewed


current teaching

  • Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning · MATH 1030 · 2018Fa

past teaching

  • Engineering Calculus I Lab · MATH 1310 · 2018Sp
  • Calculus I Lab · MATH 1210 · 2017Sp, 2017Fa
  • Differential Equations and Linear Algebra Lab · MATH 2250 · 2016Fa (co-TA)
  • Numerical Analysis I · CSE 5810 · 2014Fa, 2015Sp, 2015Fa (grader)


Interesting links and references

Asymptotic and perturbation methods

These notes are largely based on MATH 6730 · Asymptotic and Perturbation Methods course, taught by Paul Bressloff in Fall 2017, at the University of Utah, co-authored with Chee Han Tan.

  1. Introduction to Asymptotic Approximations
  2. Matched Asymptotic Expansions
  3. Method of Multiple Scales
  4. The Wentzel-Kramers-Brillouin (WKB) Method
  5. Method of Homogenization

Applied stochastic processes

Qualifying exams (summary)


Office · LCB 313
Email · hkim [at] math [dot] utah [dot] edu

University of Utah
Department of Mathematics
155 S. 1400 E. JWB 233
Salt Lake City, UT
84112-0090 USA