Turing mechanisms with active and passive intracellular transport

Joint work with Paul Bressloff

SDEs for virus trafficking and animal transport

Joint work with Sean Lawley, Marie Tuft, and Mark Lewis

Parasite spread on dynamic social networks

Joint work with Nina Fefferman, Maryann Hohn, Candice Price, Ami Radunskaya, Suzanne Sindi, Nakeya Williams, and Shelby Wilson

Subthreshold oscillations and stochastic ion channel fluctuation

Joint work with Paul Bressloff

N. D. Williams, H. Z. Brooks, M. E. Hohn, C. R. Price, A. E. Radunskaya, S. S. Sindi, Shelby N. Wilson, and N. H. Fefferman: How Disease Risks Can Impact the Evolution of Social Behaviors and Emergent Population Organization, accepted.