About Me

I'm an applied mathematician, with emphasis in mathematical biology. At Utah, I am part of the biophysics and stochastic processes research group. At UCLA, I will be focusing on dynamical systems on networks. In particular, I like analyzing systems that have surprising properties that arise from (and influence) interesting structures, like the emergence of patterns for PDE models of biological systems that involve both active and passive transport. For more information on my current research, click on the "Research" tab. For links to my publications, click the "Publications" tab.

I also have a strong interest in mathematics education, namely, thinking about how people learn math. Math is often challenging, but that's what makes it fun and satisfying. I hope to give all my students access to that experience regardless of their mathematical background and ability. I'm involved in some education research about our engineering math sequence and was a consultant at the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE). I have been a full instructor at Utah since 2012. To learn about my teaching philosophy, teaching experience, and more, click on the "Teaching" tab.

I believe that math is for everybody. I am committed to supporting diversity in our mathematical community. I have thus far focused on outreach, support, and mentoring for young women who are interested in pursuing mathematics, physics, and engineering degrees at an undergraduate or graduate level. I am the Vice President of Utah's AWM chapter.

Here is an arbitrarily assembled and by no means exclusive list of non-math things I like: The southern Utah desert; Climbing, hiking, canyoneering, rafting, skiing; Coffee and tea; Trivia; Firefly and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.