Intro Differential Equations, Math 2280

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First Exercise

Problem 1.2-2
  Find a function y=f(x) which satisfies the
   differential equation dy/dx = (x-2)^2
   and the initial condition y(2)=1.
 Book's Answer: y=1+(1/3)(x-2)^3
 Your Job
    Please write a one or two page solution.
    Submit a COPY by Thursday afternoon, Week 1.
    It will be returned on Friday of Week 1, with comments, ungraded.
    The final draft of 1.2-2 will be recorded separately from the
    Week 1 homework (due in Week 2). Please submit 1.2-2
    by Friday of Week 2, if not submitted in Week 1.
 Sample Solved Problem
    The link below is handwritten work by Gustafson, Tyson Black and Jennifer Lahti. Try to do
    as well as Jennifer (best exposition in this PDF), but write your own draft, using your own style.
    Tyson's work for 1.2-1 shows the range of what is acceptable.

    This is practice writing mathematics, with the mysteries removed.
Read Jennifer Lahti's draft of Exercise 1.2-2, which is on page 4. Compare to Tyson Black's solution, page 2. For more Exercises 1.2 by Jennifer Lahti, read Jennifer Lahti Ex 1.2-8,8,10
Read about Black and Lahti's ideas for writing reports HERE.