University of Utah LogoMath 2270 - Linear Algebra - Spring 2017

Projects 2017

Completed semester projects were due in the second week of the final exam period. Presentations of projects were given in class during the last two lecture periods. The formats are PDF, DOCX and Text.

Presented Projects

  1. Joseph Pugliano and Brandon Sehestedt
    Cryptography: Matrices and Encryption Directory
  2. Alex Hawks and Matthew Westberg
    Cracking the Hill-Cipher: how to break an encrypted message Directory
  3. Adam Lee
    Image Compression with Haar Wavelets Directory
  4. Mark Van der Merwe, Ann Wilcox, Andrew Haas
    Image Compression using Singular Value Decomposition and Discrete Cosine Transformation Directory
  5. Jeremy Jakobs and Nathan Rogers
    Linear Algebra and its Applications in Genetics Directory
  6. Jasper Slaff
    Using Homogeneous Coordinate Systems in Computer Graphics Directory
  7. Miriam Galecki
    Principle Component Analysis: Barrier Islands Example Directory

Submitted Projects

  1. Brady Jacobson Samuel Teare
    PNG vs JPEG Compression Directory
  2. Asher Sorensen
    Photograph Manipulation Through Kernel Convolutions Directory
  3. Brennan Benavidez
    Instrument Wavelength Comparisons: Music and Markov Chains Directory
  4. Conner Schacherer
    DCT Compression Directory
  5. Chris Billingsley
    Fractals: Starting From The Base Directory
  6. Dylan Johnson
    Graph Theory and Linear Algebra Directory
  7. Joe Narus
    Image Compression and Quality Directory
  8. Jonah Barber
    Discrete Dynamic Systems That Approximate Motion Through Velocity and Acceleration Vector Fields Directory
  9. Joshua Rosen and Alexandra Bertagnolli
    Using Markov Chains to Procedurally Generate Text Directory
  10. Josh Ulrich
    Statistics and Probability: Estimating Body Weight with Weighted Least Squares Method Directory
  11. Mark Lavelle
    An Application of Linear Algebra in Least-Squares Solutions and Statistical Inference Directory
  12. Patrick Ekel and Austin Purdie
    Using Ordinary Least Squares to Predict National GDP Directory
  13. Rahul Ramkumar
    Convolutional Neural Networks to classify images of handwritten text Directory
  14. Julia Vonessen, Gabrielle Legaspi and Saleema Qazi
    Hill Ciphers: An Application of Linear Algebra Directory
  15. Gabriella Barnes and Veronika Gribenko
    Productivity of the 2008 Economy Directory