2270 Chapter 6 Lecture Topics S2017

Updated: 27 Mar 2017   Today: 14 Dec 2018
  1. Eigenanalysis Selected Topics
  2. Manuscript: eigenanalysis2016-manuscript.pdf, Introduction to eigenanalysis, basic theory, AP=PD, computational algorithm, diagonalization.
    Manuscript: eigenanalysisII.pdf, Discrete dynamical systems, Stochastic matrices, Eigenanalysis and footballs, Ellipse and eigenanalysis, Coordinate rotation.
  3. Cayley-Hamilton Theorem
  4. Slides: cayleyHamilton.pdf, Cayley-Hamilton Theorem, Examples
    Slides: deSystemsCayleyHamilton.pdf, Cayley-Hamilton Theorem, Differential equations
  5. Advanced Topics in linear Algebra
  6. Manuscript: advancedTopicsLinearAlgebra.pdf, Cayley-Hamilton proof, Jordan theory, Orthogonality and Least Squares, Gram-Schmidt, Orthonormal basis, Near Point Theorem, QR-Decomposition, Spectral Theorem, Schur's Theorem, Singular Value Decomposition, Geometry of the SVD, Four Fundamental Subspaces of Gilbert Strang