Gustafson's 2250 7:30 S2013

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Extra credit problems by chapter

 The plan for Spring 2013 is to submit extra credit Ch 1 to 5 on April 8
 (week 13) and extra credit Ch 6 to 10X on May 2 (final exam week).

 Which problems should I work? You can choose whichever extra
 credit problems that you want, to replace scores of 50 or 0, within a
 given chapter, math-type or maple-type.

 Ch1 to Ch5. Location is important. Look at the PDF extra credit
 file for Ch1 to Ch5 to locate a match to the the missed work. For
 example, a missed Maple lab 1 score can be canceled by any problem from
 Ch2 Extra Credit, because maple lab 1 is part of that PDF.

 Ch6 to Ch10X. These problems apply to correct any missed work
 from any Homework set or Maple set in the semester. Problems from Ch6
 to Ch10X extra credit PDF files add to the semester HW total. Effort on
 Ch6 to Ch10X cancels lost credits from Ch1 to Ch5.

 How do I add credits for a missed maple lab? Find the matching
 maple problem in an Extra Credit PDF file, then choose any
 problem from that PDF file. Another way is to work any problem
 from Ch6 to Ch10X Extra Credit PDF files. 
  1. 2250 Chapter 1 [First Order DE] extra credit problems Click Here
  2. 2250 Chapter 2 [DE applications] and Intro maple lab 1 extra credit problems Click Here
  3. 2250 Chapter 3 [Linear Algebra] and Newton Cooling maple lab 2 extra credit problems Click Here
  4. 2250 Chapter 4 [Vector spaces] and numerical maple labs 3,4 extra credit problems Click Here
  5. 2250 Chapter 5 [Linear DE] and matrix maple lab 5 extra credit. Click Here

Semester Extra Credit

 Extra credit Ch6, Ch7, Ch8, Ch9, Ch10, Ch10X and optional Maple Labs 8,
 9, 10 apply as extra credit for the entire semester. They cancel zeros
 and fifties for any chapter. Due after classes end and the final exam
 has been written. In S2013, due Tuesday 30 April. 

 There is no extra credit work for oscillations maple lab 6 nor for
 Laplace maple lab 7. To replace zeros and fifties on these two labs,
 please do any extra credit problem or optional maple lab problem from
 the list below.
  1. 2250 Chapter 6 [Eigenanlysis] extra credit. Click Here
  2. 2250 Chapter 7 [DE systems] extra credit. Click Here
  3. 2250 Chapter 8 [Matrix Exponential] extra credit. Click Here
  4. 2250 Chapter 9 [Dynamical Systems] extra credit. Click Here
  5. 2250 Chapter 10 [Laplace] extra credit. Click Here
  6. 2250 Chapter 10X [Laplace Challenge] extra credit. Click Here

Maple Extra Credit Projects

These projects have several files each, found on the maple link page only. Credits from these optional maple labs apply to cancel any zero or fifty in the dailies for any chapter. Due after classes end with the Ch6 to Ch10X extra credit work.
  1. 2250 Optional Maple Lab 8 Earthquakes
  2. 2250 Optional Maple Lab 9 Tacoma Narrows
  3. 2250 Optional Maple Lab 10 Brine Tanks and Glucose-Insulin
Click Here, then navigate the maple project web page to find the files for Maple Labs 8, 9, 10.
Link to Department of Mathematics, University of Utah