University of Utah LogoMath 2270 - Linear Algebra - Spring 2012

Extra Credit Problems

These problems are matched to chapters from Bretscher's linear algebra textbook, which was used for 2270 up to 2009. The book is noteworthy for its geometric content and attention to change of coordinates, which is a background topic for mechanical engineering Mechatronics courses, which study robot arms and control systems for electro-mechanical devices. Please attach a print of the PDF file and mark which problems are being solved. Credits are one-to-one, one problem here cancels a problem skipped from Strang's textbook, regardless of chapter. Beware that doing arbitrary problems may affect your exam scores, and therefore your final grade. This arrangement is made only as a solution for missed days and missed assignments, whatever the reason.
Bretscher Ch1
Bretscher Ch2
Bretscher Ch3
Bretscher Ch4
Bretscher Ch5