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Engineering Math Spring 2007

Today: Wednesday January 16: 06:59AM, 2019
Updated: Wednesday May 23: 06:01AM, 2007
  • Final exam keys posted: 11 May 2007. Exams and HW may be picked up at 113jwb for the next week, ending May 18.
  • Grades Posted: 10 May 2007. Corrections 11 May 2007.
    Posted grades used excel source for exam 1 which had spurious errors of 1 or 2 percent in every record, all different than the printed record made in April. The source of the errors is unknown, but maybe it is due to "paste special" in MS Excel. These are now corrected online in the electronic records, matching the April print. A second error, which caused the 8 problems of ch10 to be removed from the dailies, has also been corrected and grade changes issued where needed, about 28 changes total in 120 records. Please be patient, because the change of grade paperwork goes at UofU speed, out of my control.
  • All 2250 [7:30am, 10:45am] Electronic records 11 May 2007. Corrected. Click here

    2250-1 7:30 and 2250-2 10:45 Due Dates Spring 2007

    1. 2250 [7:30am, 10:45am] What happened in class? Web log of material and references. Click here
    2. 2250 [7:30am, 10:45am] Changes in due dates for submitted work Updated due dates
    3. 2250 [7:30am, 10:45am] Grader's Notes. A weblog of common errors on dailies. Click Here
    4. 2250 [7:30am, 10:45am] Extra Credit. Cancel those zeros and fifty-fives! Extra credit problems
    5. 2250 [7:30am, 10:45am] Problem Notes. Extra info on dailies. Problem notes and FAQ

    Maple labs 2250 Spring 2007

    Click here for all S2007 maple labs and maple extra credit. Some maple extra credit also appears on the extra credit pages for each chapter.

    2250 Midterm and Final Exams Spring 2007

    Click here for all S2007 exam materials, including samples, old exam keys with solutions, keys to this semester's exams, and related study guides for exams.

    DE and Linear Algebra Lecture Slides Spring 2007

    Click here for all classroom projection materials, including slides, pdf documents, examples, special solutions and maple code.

    DE and Linear Algebra manuscripts Spring 2007

    Click here for longer classroom pdf manuscripts, slides, textbook problem solutions, examples, solution outlines and maple code. This page catalogs a number of longer pdf documents that augment the textbook materials or explain a particular topic in detail. Not all topics are in the course syllabus.

    2250 Syllabus, Gradesheet, Reports, Spring 2007

    1. Gustafson's 2250 (7:30am, 10:45am) gradesheet and problem list Spring 2007.
      7:30 and 10:45 gradesheet ( 43K pdf)
    2. Gustafson's 2250 (7:30am, 10:45am) syllabus Spring 2007.
      7:30 and 10:45 syllabus (119K pdf)
    3. 2250 format suggestions for submitted work
      How to improve your written work. Writing reports. ( 25K pdf)

    OLD Engineering Math Local Documents 1998-2006

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    FLASH Animations of applications

  • The 85 physics animations in the link below are Copyright 2002 David M. Harrison, Dept. of Physics, Univ. of Toronto.
    Harrison's physics animations
    The high percentage of the areas covered in the 85 animations touch the subject matter of this course.
    1. Chaos
    2. Classical Mechanics
    3. Electricity and Magnetism
    4. Micrometer Caliper
    5. Miscellaneous
    6. Nuclear
    7. Optics
    8. Oscilloscope
    9. Quantum Mechanics
    10. Relativity
    11. Sound Waves
    12. Vectors
    13. Waves

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