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2250-1 [7:30am] and 2250-2 [10:45am]

2250 Fall 2007
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Grader's Comments on Dailies

1.2-2: The book's answer is incorrect. Full answer check required.
1.2-2: Paper should have no lines on the front side.
1.2-2: Pencil and eraser please, no ink!
1.2-4: The book answer is correct. Don't bother to write a full answer check.
1.2-6: Please include integration details.
1.2-10: Please include integration details for xe^{-x}. Even if you use tables, write down the details of the u-substitution.
1.3-8: Please xerox the problem from the book to 200% and tape or glue.
1.3-8: The book's answer is correct, please check your answer!
1.3-14: Report continuity of f(x,y)=y^(1/3) and discontinuity of the partial derivative of f w/r/t y at y=0.
1.3-14: Don't try to solve the equation - report whether or not Theorem 1 applies.
1.4-18: integral of 1/(1+y^2) is arctan(y)+C.
1.4-22: (1) Correct algebra gets y'/y = (4x^3-1)
1.4-22: (2) Use the initial condition to get C=-3.
1.4-26: (1) Integration of polynomials expected.
1.4-26: (2) Integral of 1/y^2 is -1/y+C.
2.3-10: (1) Solve for t if y=0.
2.3-10: (2) Determine altitude when parachute is opened.
2.3-20: (1) Solve for the height.