Mathematics 2250-3 12:55pm Fall 2002 Profiles

Carolyn Morgan

I am a Bioengineering major. I was a math major many years ago
but delayed finishing my degree to raise my children. They
aren't raised yet (are they ever?), but are old enough to allow
me a little time to study without interruptions. I have taken a
lot of math including the equivalent of 2250, but it was so long
ago that I am re-taking it. I have lived in SLC my whole life. I
am getting better at computers but I didn't get any of that when
I was in school before. When I am not doing school work I am
usually running one of my 3 children to football, soccer, violin
or dance lessons. I enjoy gardening, reading novels, and
spending time at my cabin.
Tuan Huy

I'm planning to get the Computer Science B.S. degree. And ODE is
one of the prerequisite classes for most of computer courses in
full-major. I took AP Calculus BC last May. That waives me
Calculus I and II class. I'm Vietnamese, English is my second
language. I 've come to the US for about a year to finish my
last year at high school. I know just a little bit about some of
the computer languages like: C++, Delphi, Pascal,
Java/JavaScript, HTML/XML. I have spent most of my free time on
the computer. But now I think I have to spend it for reading
English books then!
Chiew Yi Cheong

My major is Electrical Engineering. I've taken calculus I, II,
III in the U of U. I am an international student, my native
language is cantonese and Mandarin. I've no experience in
computer languages, I am taking programming C++ this Fall 2002.
I am from Malaysia, now live in Sandy. School and working is
mostly where i spend my time.
Cody Wheaton

I am thinking about a mechanical engineering major and working
for the Army.  I took Calculus one and two and physics 2210 last
year. I spent my time this summer working on cars and building
houses. I also spent a lot of time on my motorcycle.  Anyone can
reach me at 435-640-1729.  This number is the only reliable way
to get in contact with me.
Manndi Carlile

I am a sophomore at the University of Utah studying
bioengineering. I plan to get my Masters degree here at the U
and then go on for a Ph.D in bio-electrical engineering. I took
intermediate algebra, trig/college algebra, AP calculus AB, and
AP statistics in high school. In college, I took MATH 1250 and
1260 last year. I grew up in Heber, Utah, where my family still
lives. I spend most of my time on campus, in school or working
for the Undergraduate Studies office, but in my free time I
enjoy books, music, scrapbooking, and my family.
Steve Hamilton

I am a Pre-med student who is majoring in Chemistry.  I took
Calculus in High School and passed the BC test with a five.  It
has been a couple of years since I took that class but I have
been reviewing over the summer in preparation for this semester. 
I speak Spanish and lived in Chile for two years.  I currently
live in the Residence Halls (On-Campus) and enjoy anything that
has to do with athletics.
Tony Favaloro

I plan on obtaining a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering
from the University of Utah.  The last math class that I took
was at Weber State College.  It was a Calculus III class.  I
don't speak any foreign languages and I don't know any computer
languages. I grew up in Bountiful, Utah but lived near Boston,
Massachusetts for three years and attended Salem State College
and the University of Massachusetts at Lowell.  I spend my time
away from school either working, studying of playing drums in a
local band.
Pete Paulos

I am a computer science major nearing graduation.  I've had math
1210, 1220 and 2210.  My Calc I is really solid and so is the
first half of my Calc II class (I took these in High school and
took the AP test).  However, all of the math I've had at the
UofU is really shaky, and I don't really remember any of the
details anymore.  I don't know any foreign languages (though
I've taken some spanish, Im not fluent).  I know the following
computer languages: Java, C/C++, lisp/scheme, and some HTML. 
I've grown up in SLC, but I spent last summer in northern
california. I spend most of my time in front of the computer or
in front of a book.  When I have the time, I like to get
outdoors for a hike or to go backpacking.
Ryan Muranaka

I am 28 years old.  I am a Utah native, who has lived here my
entire life.  I currently live in Layton, with my wife, and four
children. I enjoy spending my time playing with my children,
playing games (chess or go), or watching sports.  I returned to
college in Fall 2001 after a 7 year hiatus.  My original plan
was to major in Computer Science, but I found that area of study
held no real interest for me. After some soul searching I
decided to switch my major to Mechanical Engineering (ME).  This
Fall Semester I am beginning my first year of ME classes.  My
mathematics is equivalent to first year calculus.
Rob ZoBell

I am a Junior pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science.  I know
C/C++, Java and JavaScript.  I have taken Math 1250, 1260 and
2210 from the University.  I have lived in Utah all of my life,
primarily in Davis county.  I spend my time on school or work,
but when I'm not doing that I'm biking, reading, or playing
computer games.
Matt Stewart

I'm a sophmore at the U, as far as sheer credit hours are
concerned. I have been here about three years though. I am
majoring in computer engineering and have taken math classes up
through Calc III.  I live in Salt lake about 15 min. from the
university. I work mostly during the day, but M W & F nights, as
well as most weekends I'm available. If anybody wants a study
partner, or any groups need another man, please feel free to
contact me let me know.
Judy Piper

I am studying Computer Science.  I have completed Math 2210 last
summer, I can speak Korean and English, and currently I use Java
and C++.  I lived in South Korea most of my life, and moved into
Utah about 5 years ago.
Chad Boulton

I am a computer engineering major, and plan on going to law
school when I'm finished with my CE degree. I've already taken
calc 1, 2, and 3. I speak portuguese because I went on a mission
to brazil. I like to do any type of web computer programming,
and I've also learned scheme and java from my classes here at
the U. I've lived in Northern California, Maryland, Brazil, and
Utah. I spend my time with my wife Megan, or with my band
Lazyeye ( ).
Anthony Jolley

I am a 22 year old student at the University of Utah.  While
currently undecided, I pursue a degree in Mathematics.  I have
studied the basics of Geometry, Algebra, and Calculus.  I was
born in Salt Lake City and currently reside there.  I enjoys
music (particularly punk/oi), strange things, and odd thoughts. 
At, response is not always immediate.
Name: Chunkai Wang

I'm plan to join computer science major in this university.  And
I had take calculus I to III in this university before.  My
native language is Chinese.
Beckie Tenort

I am a computer science major. I have taking Calc 1, 2, & 3. I
speak Spanish and love cats.
Jonathan Gardiner

plan to recieve BS in Electrical Engineering. I have Completed
calculus 1-3. I speak fluent Spanish and have lived in Utah all
my life except for years during which I lived in Ecuador while
serving an LDS mission. I have programmed in C++ and Matlab. I
spend my time working as an electrician and doing any type of
outdoor activity possible.
Richard Allred 

I am studying Electrical Engineering.  My mathematics education
is just like everyone elses.  I just finished Calc III but not
like everyone else I took Calc II three times. (Got A's each
time.) Once in high school, once on accident, and once for a
review. I have lived in Seatle, WA., Centerville, UT, and
Louisville KY.  And I spend my time rock climbing, hiking and
Shawn Kisana

I'm pursuing a computer science major.  I'm not very good at
math, and memorization of formulas, but what I lack in skill I
make up for in determination.  I speak Spanish very fluently. 
My programming experience started when I was about 13, when I
learned basic.  My high school years were spent learning Pascal
(pretty useless), Foxpro (really useless), C++, and I played
around with Assembly language for a few months.  My favorite
flavor of Linux is Debian.  I have lived all over the salt lake
valley, and the St. George area.  Most of my time right now is
spent working full- time, and taking care of school.

If you are going to send me an e-mail please make sure to
include in the Subject line "MATH 2250." This will insure that
it gets put in the right places, and that I will see it.
Marie Perry

As of now, I plan to major in engineering and I am leaning
towards the civil discipline.  I took the AP calculus BC test
last year and received a 5; currently I am enrolled in math
2210. I am enrolled in Intro to Unix but besides that I do not
know anything about computers.  I have lived in Holladay all of
my life and commute to the U from there.  My time is spent
reading, quilting, playing the violin (which I have played for
12 years), and, of course, doing homework.
Christopher A Tucker

I am currently a physics major with degree plans at the
University of Utah to finish my Bachelor's and begin my
Master's. Upon graduation, I plan to relocate to Leon, France to
continue with work to complete my Ph.D.  I have completed the
Calculus series, college algebra, and the like.  I have spent
the bulk of my life in the Bay Area of California-San Francisco
mostly. I know French and a little Latin, know C++, Visual
Prolog, and Visual Basic.  I spend my time trying to get my
homework done and continue with a pre-graduate thesis project on
Hyperspace Physics.
Carl Wecker

I'm a Bioengineering major.  I took the AP Calculus in High
School, and then 3 years later trudged ungracefully through AP
Calculus here at the U for 2 semesters.  I speak Spanish. I've
programmed in Delphi and Visual Basic (a long time ago)... and
more recently C, PHP, HTML, and Java Script.  I work as the
Network Administrator of the Utah Traffic Lab (in the basement
of the Kennecott Building).  I've lived in Sandy, Riverton, St.
George, Downingtown (PA), Westchester (PA), Virgin (UT), Green
Valley (UT), Guatemala, St. George (again), and most recently
here in SLC.  I spend my time working, going to classes, playing
the guitar, playing the piano, folding origami, some computer
games, reading a lot of books, and I spend quite a bit of time
going to movies/plays/concerts/parties with friends and family.
Hally Gausse

I am a sophmore at the University of Utah and I am studing 
chemical engineering.  I am involved with the Alyeska Research 
Program here on campus.  It will be my frist year with the 
project.  I also am a Peer Advisor for one of the Engineering 
LEAP classes.  I live on campus in sage point.  I am from 
Chugiak, Alaska and I have lived there all my life.  I like the 
outdoors alot.  I like to hike, bike, climb, rollerblade, and 
just about anything else you can imagin.  I am up for anything.
Sean Stratton

I am a physics major, philosophy minor, and I plan on continuing
education after I graduate here in 2005.  My last math class
before this one was Calc II, which I took last fall.  I know a
little bit about a few computer languages, including BASh, C,
Perl, and HTML.  I grew up in New Jersey, and attended college
at the University of Oklahoma for a year before I came here.  I
usually spend my spare time with my fiancee, or playing the
Scott DuVall

Computer Science Major.  Graduating May 2004.
Programming: Java, C++, HTML, xHTML, JavaSCript
Previous Math Classes: Calc I, Calc II, Discrete Structures,
Models of Computation.
Places I have lived: Oklahoma City; Taylorsville (Salt Lake);
Hyderabad, India; Coimbatore, India; Bangalore, India; Down Town
(Salt Lake).
How I spend my time: Job at the Waterford Institute
( programming educational software for
children. At home with my amazing wife, Jenifer.
    Web design
    Cooking Indian Food, Watching Indian
    Movies, pretending to be Indian.
Steven Wollschleger

Majoring in Electrical Engineering. Plan on completing
bachelor's degree and possibly masters from University of Utah.
English only fluent language. I have used C++, Basic, & some
MATLAB. Native Utahn. Enjoy outdoor activities, such as:
backpacking, skiing, fishing, biking, sports, etc. I am enrolled
in the 12:55 section. E-mail is That's about all.
Never at home. E-mail is best means of contact.
Jonathan Meikle

I plan to graduate in ME, I have taken Calculus I and II.  I
speak spanish.  I have farmington for 14 years and have recently
married and moved to Layton.  I like to read and play sports
when I have time.
Kit Ling Woo

I am planning to get a degree in BioEngineering.  I took Cal 1
to 3 at the UU. I am a foreign student.  So Cantonese is my
native language.  I also speak Chinese.  I was Computer Science
major, and I took some CS classes.  So I know a litte bit C++,
Pascal, HTML and MatLab. I have been in SLC for 3 years. Before
that, I was living in Hong Kong.